Tummy Tuck for Men in Plano, TX

Historically, tummy tucks were considered more of a female plastic surgery operation because many women requested tummy tucks after pregnancy. However, with the rise of obesity and the dwindling amount of free time available for exercise, more and more men are finding themselves with pouches of flab around their stomachs. Men are also finding it difficult to shed this extra weight. Tummy tucks for men in Plano, TX can help rid you of annoying flub and send you on your way to a flat stomach and sexy abs.

Difficulty losing weight around the midsection? A tummy tuck can help. Sometimes weight loss is more trouble than it’s worth, but men still want to look their best for themselves and for their partners. A tummy tuck can take care of that stubborn weight loss around the midsection. If you can tone your arms, legs, and butt then a tummy tuck can take care of your “trouble area” – the stomach. A tummy tuck will result in a lean and flat stomach. When stomach weight loss is too difficult, we can help you achieve that flat stomach by removing the stubborn fat around your stomach.

Experienced a significant weight loss, but now experiencing saggy and flabby skin? A tummy tuck will take that saggy and flabby skin and eliminate it. A plastic surgeon takes excess skin during a tummy tuck and removes it. Additionally, the plastic surgeon will also tighten the abdominal muscles to create a leaner look. During this process, the belly button will also be moved. While a scar will result, it is well hidden under clothing and typically is not extremely visible when shirtless. The tummy tuck can also be extended to the sides of the tummy where the “love handles” are at and remove those during the same procedure. This ensures a flat stomach at the front and the sides, which also translates to the lower back.

Will a tummy tuck give you abs of steel? No, it will not. A tummy tuck cannot magically give you muscle that you do not have. However, a tummy tuck will remove the extra flabby skin so that your stomach is flat and smooth. This will make it easier for you to achieve those abs of steel because you won’t need to worry about the excess skin or flab, but only about building strong abdominal muscles. Once you build them, you will be able to see them. A tummy tuck can bring you closer to your goal of rock-hard abs.

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