The Development Of Male Botox Over The Years

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The Development Of Male Botox Over The Years

Over the years, more and more women have being satisfied with cosmetic surgery. It helps them feel better about themselves. It gives them more of a youthful appearance, and this leads to further confidence. However, there is no reason why men should not be looking into this as well. There are a lot of top male celebrities who take advantage of Botox, and the average man in the street can benefit in the same way..

What is Botox for Men?

The formula of Botox for men is the same which is used for women. It is a filler which plumps up the area, renewing the cells in the skin which leads to a skin that is smoother. However, plastic surgeons have to be careful when they take the facial features into account. The structure of a man’s face is different from that of a woman. It is not easy to see whether a woman has had this type of cosmetic surgery. However one has to be more careful with a man. The main difference is with the eyebrows.

The eyebrows of a man are more horizontal, compared to a woman where they rise up slightly. One has to be careful not to make the man seem too feminine because this can happen if the procedure is performed in the same way as one would focus on the opposite sex. This is something to take into consideration.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

Men need to feel confident in the way that they feel about themselves. They need to feel confident when they are in the work place and when they are dealing with their clients. You can dress for success, and have the most expensive suit, but you will still be looking older than you are because of those lines around your eyes or on the forehead. Of course, this is natural, but there is something that one can do about this.

Many men find that Botox helps them to feel a lot better about themselves. It can raise their self esteem, and this is obviously important. In many cases, a dose of Botox will help someone compete for that perfect job that they are looking for. It will also help them to keep a job which has become stressful, which obviously leads to more wrinkles over time.

Women often have Botox because it helps them to remain youthful. This is true of men as well. However, with men there are lines that appear above the brow as well as in other areas in the face which make them appear angry or sad most of the time. This is something one would want to change. There are certain areas that men will focus on, such as the forehead or the below the eyes.

Certain areas stand out which relate to the aging process. For example, a lot of men find that there is a dramatic difference when they add filler to the lips. It is natural for men’s lips to become thinner over the years, so this is something that a lot of men like to focus on. In saying that, it is also important to be subtle and not to overdo this area, so that it becomes plump. A more experienced plastic surgeon will be advantageous, using the most suitable tools and knowing what is right for the individual. For example, they will use a very thin needle for the procedure, which will avoid bruising.

Male Botox in Plano is a quick process, so it is not necessary to take days off work. There is not a lot of redness or swelling that will occur in this type of a procedure. It is perfect for someone who has been damaged from the sun over the years or for someone who has neglected their face, as is the case with many men.

What is the Duration of the Botox?

The entire procedure will only last 30 minutes, which means it is perfect to have this done on a Saturday morning, feeling confident for work on Monday.

A plastic surgeon will have a consultation with the patient who is interested in male Brotox beforehand. Every individual is different, so the amount of Botox used will vary from one person to another. It can also depend on the area which they are focusing on and how badly they have been affected. Often, patients will try something out, and increase the amount of Botox should they feel that they are not satisfied. It can take a number of sessions, and this will also depend on the individual. People will return every couple of months so that they are able to maintain the same effect.

It is necessary to have this consultation with the plastic surgeon should you be interested in male Botox because he or she needs to analyze the face. It is important to remember that when someone takes all of the wrinkles away, it can take all of the character away from the face as well. There should be some fine lines here or there. Everyone knows that nobody is perfect and to suddenly change your appearance overnight to a completely smooth looking face, can seem strange.

It can sometimes appear to be too tight as well which will not serve the purpose either. A completely smooth face is not natural, and one can see that a person has been for some sort of cosmetic surgery. The trick is to have this performed in a way so that it is completely natural.

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