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Everything There Is To Know About Micropigmentation Hair Restoration In Plano

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Micropigmentation Hair Restoration In Plano TX

If you want the most ideal results for hair loss (that looks natural and relieves the frustrating effects associated with hair loss), Micropigmentation may be a suitable choice for you. Why? The reason is that, while there are many hair treatment options available today, most are unreliable and too expensive. Hair transplants usually leave the patient with nasty scars and are far more expensive than the value of service you receive.

Hair Clubs, on the other hand, are high end and may require a lifetime of refixing and maintenance. Another option is fixing a Wig. Most men are not comfortable with the embarrassment that can come due to a wig displacement. Wigs also require continual maintenance and are not convincing enough when it comes to covering hair loss. Let use highlight some facts about Micropigmentation Hair Restoration to help you understand the treatment option better.

What is Micropigmentation Hair Restoration?

Micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation technique similar to getting a tattoo. To complete the process, tiny needles are utilized by the specialist to add color pigment to the patient’s scalp. Micropigmentation is a highly complex procedure that offers guaranteed results. The quality of the results depend on two primary things:

• Using the latest and most advanced equipment

• Receiving treatment from a highly experienced and skilled practitioner

Micropigmentation is a process of tattooing the scalp of your head with ink technique to get a healthy and natural growing hair look. Micropigmentation Hair restoration is an innovative procedure that is used to cover open scars from some previous hair transplant treatment. Additionally, Micropigmentation is a procedure done by paramedical experts who use unique micro cosmetic tattoo technique to give the illusion of hair follicles. Micropigmentation is a quick treatment process that will cover all exposed areas on your scalp.

The specialist (during the procedure) uses a unique computer controlled system to ensure that the patient receives a consistent appearance across the scalp. The results are always almost completely flawless. Treatment is tailored to suit any skin color and type. Let use quickly run through some facts about this treatment option for hair loss.

How is the Micropigmentation for Hair Loss Treatment Process Done?

The treatment process for Micropigmentation is usually a four phase visitation system. Highlighted below, are the different steps it takes to complete the process:

• Firstly the patient has to book an appointment with the specialist and begin a series of treatments for the scalp. After finalizing the first treatment, the scalp will be a bit red (but after a day at the most the area will be back to normal).

• The second step entails going a shade darker than the first.

• The third treatment (that is if the patient requests for it), is done by also going a shade dark.

How Does This Hair Loss Treatment Option Work?

The Micropigmentation procedure works effectively. It involves the specialist carefully implanting ink into the affected area (to blend with the patient’s natural hair color). Additionally, if you desire, you can go a shade darker than your natural color, which will give the appearance of a full head of hair. Patients often have different requirements, so it is best to talk for them to speak with the specialist to find out what they want so as to get their desired result.

The majority of the hair replacement experts usually advise their clients who suffer from hair loss to go for augmenting hair transplant. However, Micropigmentation works with hair transplant as a first-hand plan combination procedure. This involves combining traditional hair restoration with highly advanced ink technique. Clients have double the benefits, including real smooth hair that is full and thick (which only Micropigmentation can bring).

What are the Benefits of Micropigmentation for Hair Loss?

This process offers numerous benefits. Here are the three major ones:

It is a Cost-Effective Option for Hair Loss

Micropigmentation for hair loss treatment, when compared to other hair restoration options, is by far less expensive and offers more benefits than a surgical hair transplant. People who undergo Micropigmentation, have no need to use medications.

Little or No Risks Involved in the Entire Procedure

This is the most important of them all. The Micropigmentation treatment is a treatment that gives no pain, because of the local anesthesia, a risk of infection is barely there, and it also gives no incision. You don’t have to wait for the grafts to mature and grow in.

It Heals Faster Than Other Treatment Options

The healing process after going through a Micropigmentation procedure is usually fast. It comes naturally, between the third to fourth day following the procedure. This option guarantees you a quick return to your normal day to day life or activities (usually within two days after the initial procedure). Most importantly, you can have your color restored regardless of your previous skin color. You can have it update as colors can be altered depending on what the client wants and desires.

Bottom Line

Micropigmentation remains an excellent treatment option for hair loss. It is ideal for bald men. Many people have tried several hair restoration treatments but receive vague and unrealistic results at best.

If you have gotten a treatment that did not meet your requirements and expectations, stop receiving such treatment. It is suitable to move on to Micropigmentation for your desired results. For more information on Micropigmentation Hair Restoration contact Dr. Plano in Plano TX at http://www.drplano.net/

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