Male Brow Lift Plano TX

Brow Lift For Men Interested In Plastic Surgery

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Male Brow Lift Plano TX

Brow lift for men is simply a procedure done to lift the eyebrows and the forehead skin in men. The surgery usually involves making an incision at the hairline just to smoothen and tighten the surrounding skin. It is most appropriate for you if the skin around your forehead is sagging.

This procedure slows down the aging process which is often characterized by the appearance of creases and wrinkles across your forehead. It also corrects drooping eyebrows and lines above your nose. The procedure can also be recommended for young people who inherited traits like lowbrows.

Brow lift has become a popular surgery among men looking to have a more youthful appearance by minimizing the wrinkles appearing above their eyebrow. It is also especially beneficial to men considering the fact that their brows’ position is lower and more horizontal compared to their female counterpart with brows that have an outward tilt. The procedure helps to restore unobstructed vision for men with drooping eyes.

There are different types of brow lifts. The traditional method or technique requires a continuous incision be made. The incision is made carefully to avoid visible scars, usually behind the hairline, starting from the ear level to the hair line. However, for men who are bald, the incision will be made in the middle of the scalp so the remaining hair can hide the scar. Excess tissue is then removed from the forehead and the incision is closed. This method raises the hairline and may not be the best particularly for bald men or men already losing their hair. The other technique is the transpalpebral brow lift which is performed by making an incision on the upper eyelid.

The third technique is carried out by using an endoscope tool. Unlike the convention method where a continuous incision is made, using the endoscope tool require making a few much smaller incisions which will be made at the hairline. A scope (which is a lighted camera) will be inserted into one of the incisions made to enable the muscles and tissue visible on a screen. Another device which will be inserted into another incision will be used to make the requisite alterations. This method is best for a brow lift in men as it doesn’t raise the hairline.

An experienced and skillful surgeon will take into consideration however that the male brow should not be arched too high during this procedure. He must also consider hair loss so as not to give prominence to a possibly receding hairline.

Dr. Plano is ready to meet with you, listen and answer all your questions as well as recommend the right technique for you so as to ensure that your goal is met and that you get the expected and most natural result. If you are in Texas, you can book an appointment with him at Plano, TX to find out more.


The brow lift procedure is very effective for reducing horizontal wrinkle lines that are across your forehead, on the bridge of your nose and the ones between your eyes. The soft tissue of your forehead is tightened. It can be done to raise or lower your brows. It slows down your aging process.

It improves the straight creases and frown lines that develop between your eyebrows as a result of different facial expressions. It will also raise your low or sagging brows that are hanging over your upper eyelids. The procedure will make your eyebrows, upper eyelids, and your forehead skin look youthful and alert by restoring their youthful contour.

The procedure helps to restore unobstructed vision caused by drooping eyes. It gives a more friendly, approachable and happier look. The elevated brow and smoother forehead give you a more refreshed look. It increases your overall self-confidence and self-esteem.

Brow lift procedure can be done together with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. It is long lasting and can last up to 10 years.

The procedure is a common and in fact one of the most advanced facial cosmetic surgery. It is very safe and as long as it is performed properly by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you will get a perfectly safe and effective procedure, such as can be gotten from Dr. Plano in Plano TX.

The procedure can be carried out with little or no side effects and an amazing result. Our team of professionals is however readily available to answer your questions, discuss with you and advise you on any possible side effects that may arise from the brow lift procedure.


Brow lifts procedure generally takes about one to two hours. It can be done under local anesthesia where you will be awake but sedated, but on different occasion can be performed under general anesthesia where you will be asleep. The appropriate type of anesthesia should be discussed with your Surgeon and the anesthesiologist. It an outpatient procedure. It can be done in the hospital or office surgical suite. You can return home the same day.

You should elevate your head for the first two days after the surgery to reduce swelling. The bruising and swelling will be gone within a week after the surgery. You should, however, avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities.

Stitches would normally be removed within 10 days after the surgery. The recovery takes between 10 to 14 days, after which you may return to work. If properly done by skilled professionals, there is only minimal scarring and it is hidden under the hairline. The scarring will most likely fade between 3 to 6 months.

To book an appointment you can visit our contact page for more information about browlift for men | plastic surgery for men, Plano, TX.

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