Male Breast Reduction Plano TX

Male breast reduction in Plano, TX through Brotox can help you eliminate your larger breast size and give you normal sized male breasts. We see most of our male breast reduction patients due to gynecomastia, however, we can also perform the procedure on men with excess fatty deposits in the breasts due to weight gain or other conditions.

Gynecomastia is a hormonal condition where hormonal imbalance causes swelling in the breasts creating swollen breasts that resemble small female breasts. The condition can also result in tender breasts that are painful to the touch. While most patients will require medicine from their medical specialists, these medications will not necessarily diminish the appearance of the swollen breasts once they have become swollen. Swollen breasts are difficult to get rid of and often require male breast reduction surgery. Typically, swollen breasts will not resolve on their own because of the extreme production of excess fatty deposits in the breast region.

Thankfully, male breast reduction surgery is short, leaves behind nearly invisible scars, and has one of the quickest plastic surgery recovery times. We perform most of our male breast reduction surgeries using liposuction techniques that allow us to permanently remove the fat cells in the male breast and reposition the skin. Once the fatty deposits have been removed and the skin has been repositioned, we will also reposition the nipple to the ideal location. The surgery itself is quick and recovery time is minimal for patients.

The best candidates for male breast reduction surgery are men who have discomfort and embarrassment about their breasts. Men who have gynecomastia are great candidates as are men who simply have excess fat in this region. Breast reduction surgery can be combined with other surgeries to target other areas of excess fat in the body. Other causes of large male breasts that resemble female breasts include weight gain, obesity, medications, steroid usage, alcohol usage, drug usage, and other specific health conditions. Regardless of why your breasts are femininely shaped, we can treat you and leave you with masculine shaped breasts.

The cost for male breast reduction surgery is between $1,000 and $10,000 according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery survey. Our quotes fall within this range but depend upon our patient’s specific needs and specific body makeup. We require in-person consultations to assess your specific body and surgery needs before offering a quote or scheduling the surgery itself. We take both your health and personal satisfaction with your surgery seriously, which is why we require in-person consultations.

For more information about male breast reduction or other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, please contact us through our online contact form at or shoot us an email at We serve the Dallas, DFW, and Plano, TX areas. You should feel comfortable in your body. At Brotox, we want to help you look and feel your best. Schedule your in-person consultation today to discuss your options. Feel comfortable with masculine shaped breasts and say goodbye to feminine shaped breasts.