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Reliable Corrective Hair Transplant Procedure In Plano, Texas

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Hair Transplant Plano, TX

Corrective Hair Transplant Procedure is a surgery used to correct a badly done hair transplant surgery. The fact that corrective hair transplant procedure is in high demand in Plano and other parts of Texas and United States as a whole, means only one thing. It simply implies that there are several incompetent specialists offering hair surgery in Plano.

This is because Hair restoration is not like other surgeries. A lot of factors have to be considered and it is done in stages. Besides, a lot of doctors are still making use of the obsolete methods that are no longer effective.

This is why you need to be careful in hiring a specialist for your hair restoration procedure. You can follow the tips below to avoid coming back for another corrective hair transplant procedure.

First of all, you don’t just hire the first specialist you chat with no matter how convincing and impressive he sounds. It is better to talk to about three to four specialists before you make a choice. If you can chat with more, it is fine.

The first quality to consider is experience. You might want to hire the specialist with the most experience. This is a good idea. A lot of service providers are tempted to inflate their years of experience just to impress prospective clients and increase their chances of being hired. This is why you should request documentary evidence. A very good proof is the album of their past works. It shows before and after the procedure photos. This will also give you an opportunity to assess their level of innovation and creativity.

The truth is that most times the specialist with the most experience is usually the one with the highest charges. So, you might not be able to afford that. You could also apply other tips. You need to check out their equipment and how they are preserved. No matter how good a specialist is, he may never be able to deliver a fantastic job without the right set of tools.

So, you need to consider the specialist with the most modern tools coupled with a very safe preservation method. In other words, having a lot of experience is different from having the right set modern tools. Making use of obsolete tools will only lead to adopting the less effective and outdated methods of hair restoration procedures.

Being a medical doctor does not make anybody a plastic surgeon. People often overlook this fact but it is very important. This means that you must be sure that your prospective specialist is a board certified plastic surgeon otherwise, you could be jumping from “frying pan” to “fire”. You may be hiring someone who isn’t as good as the one who did the poor hair surgery the first time.

You may not need to ask directly. You could do a little online research on each prospective specialist. The directory of plastic surgeons could be accessed online. Needless to say the name of every registered plastic surgeon is on the list. Any doctor whose name is not on the list is not a board certified plastic surgeon.

It is often tempting to hire a specialist with the lowest charges. One needs to be careful as any charge that falls way below average charges could be a sign of another poor surgery. Inexperienced specialists often lower their charges to lure unsuspecting patients. So you should not fall for the trap. At the same time, higher charges do not always lead to higher quality procedures. It is often advisable to hang right in the middle

The best way to hire a good specialist is to seek reference. Find out from friends, colleagues or online forums the name and contact of a good hair restoration specialist in Plano. You may be lucky to come across someone who successfully underwent the surgery. Such person will give you the contact of the surgeon who handled his corrective surgery.

A very good and highly experienced plastic surgeon that has been operating for a long time in Plano, TX is Dr. Plano. If you are a resident of Plano and you need the procedure, then you don’t need to search further. Dr. Plano is your best bet. He is a certified plastic surgeon, he makes use of the latest technology driven equipment and most importantly, he has been doing hair transplant and corrective hair transplant procedures successfully for several years and he also has a large number of patients who have received the procedure from him.

Unlike a lot of specialists, he performs the surgery in stages to get the best results. The stages are discussed below.

Steps of Procedure

He starts by designing the hairline for a natural look. This is where most specialists get it wrong because they often skip this very important step. A person’s age and facial features determine the best hairline for him or her.

Then, he goes into the harvesting process where he will harvest some hair from the donor sites. This requires a lot of expertise as you need to pay attention to blood supply and nerves. If the harvesting is done properly, the healing process will be fast.

The next step is to carry out hair graft preparation. Once he is through with that, the next stage is the creation of recipient sites. These are chosen based on certain important factors. He will finally conclude with the hair graft placement. Although Dr. Plano is the lead surgeon, he performs every surgery in conjunction with his medical team.


The major benefit of the procedure is to correct the poorly done hair restoration surgery. After the corrective surgery, your hair will be full without any patches and without any sign of surgery. It will look so natural with a well carved hairline.


The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of damage done during the previous hair surgery. On the average, it takes 3 to 4 hours. In it also takes between 24 and 72 hours for full recovery after the procedure.

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